Monday, March 6, 2017


People say dogs have no sense of time.  I beg to differ!  Speedy-Dog, my best friend's pup was the master of time-telling.  Every afternoon at exactly 3:22, our big yellow school bus would pull up to the stop sign at the corner of Stony Corners and Main Street and who would be standing there?  No one but loyal, sweet, TIME-TELLING Speedy-Dog.  I cannot remember a day when he wasn't standing there, waiting like a parent for his "sister" Katie.  The most remarkable part of it all was Katie lived at the very end of our street-a street that must have been over a mile long.  All of the neighborhood parents would smile when anyone mentioned Speedy.  At 3:18 every day, he'd leave the confines of his yard and trot down the side of Stony Corners, past the Mooney's, the Savage's, beyond the falling down barn that was transformed into the neighborhood fort, and straight to Bus 16's stop.  Speedy-Dog was always on a mission to greet his kids and always on-time!

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  1. Amazing! Dogs are so amazing! What a wonderful slice, Miss Campbell. It made me smile.