Tuesday, March 14, 2017


"Daddy, do you think they'll win?" Sebastian looks up at him-eyes peering at his, in hopes he'll say yes.  The bond between a father and son is like no other.  Some moms may feel jealous.  I choose to feel grateful.  When given the choice, Sebastian always chooses Daddy-time.  Whether it was when he was three and our septic tank backed up (yes, it was THAT bad) or heading to the big game, Daddy is always the one.  We were snowed in today and, from the moment Sebastian woke up, he was concerned with whether or not Daddy would have to go to work.  Every couple of minutes, he'd give the latest meteorologist report and it would always have the power of persuasion (man, he could be a great writer someday).  "Treacherous conditions out there.  The worst we've seen ALL winter!  Travel ban for the entire state.  Brownie day declared."  

This bond-may it never end.  So lucky to see such a relationship between a father and son.

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  1. Love this slice of father and son. It's truly the best connection - from septic tanks to the big game to the big snow!