Thursday, March 16, 2017

Classroom SOLSC Celebration Ideas (Need advice please!)

I am planning (slightly) ahead ... wondering what I will do for our Classroom SOLSC celebration once April arrives.  My plan is to invite families in to our classroom, serve slices of cake and share writing.  I need advice!  What do other Slicers do in their classrooms?  Gifts?  Ways to share?  Please do comment.  :)


  1. We had slices of pizza and cake! But I wonderful parents who stepped up to take care of those details. I provided gifts based on level of participation - fun pencils, gel pens, small compostition books. I also had each student select four of their best slices to mount on an 11 x 17 sheet of construction paper. We had a walk around at our event and posted these in the hallway after our celebration. But the best part was the student sharing of slices! Have fun!

    1. But I HAD wonderful parents (Never type so fast that you don't take a minute to edit.)

  2. We can't serve food, but I love that you can serve them cake. We have a raffle for prizes - they get one ticket per slice.