Saturday, March 11, 2017


There are certain things that should NEVER be put on a pizza.  Take for example, the McManiac-inspired by none other than McDonald's ... crust topped with sauce then topped with a 6-piece Chicken McNugget, fries, and 2 cheeseburgers that all look like they just came out of a Happy Meal.  Then there's squid ink pizza-the ink replacing the tomato sauce.  I stumbled across what looks like an artery-clogging pie that appears to have every kind of meat stuffed in every single slice of the entire pizza.  The last one I just came across was a pie that contained roast beef, fried hot dogs, ham, buffalo chicken, sausage, bacon, chicken nuggets, meat sauce, pepperoni, and cheese.  Thanks, but no thanks.  Think I'll stick with my usual-Margarita pizza-Yum!


  1. You are right! The pizzas you describe here are horrendous sounding. I like meat, but not chicken nuggets or fried hot dogs on my pizza. I'll take a sausage and black olive please.

  2. Yikes!
    I like plain pizza. Cheese and pepperoni!