Monday, March 13, 2017

Happiness Is ...

  • Belly laughs from my kids
  • Cuddling with my dog
  • Getting in my PJ's after a long day
  • Spending the entire day in my PJ's
  • The first snow of the year
  • Warm sand between my toes
  • Big Squeezy hugs from my daughter
  • Ah-ha moments
  • Fresh pizza 
  • Cold Pizza
  • Completing a long-distance run
  • A clean home
  • No dirty laundry
  • A clean car
  • Love letters
  • Having no plans on the weekend
  • Vacation
  • A good book


  1. Lots of happiness mixed into all those bullet points. I'm with you on pizza, hot or cold, it's all good!

  2. Love your list! I wrote today about ordinary joys ... and our lists are comparable! Happy writing!

  3. Oh, you had me at belly laugh! I love watching videos of young children belly laugh! And then there is PJs, pizza and a good book. Now that is happiness. I may have to "steal" this for a future slice. Thanks!

  4. What a wonderful list of happiness!

  5. What a beautiful list! I can feel the joy and happiness spilling out. Thank you for sharing!